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Spellbooks - 30/04/2018

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Greg    113

So this was meant to be a magic spell rewrite which should've taken a few days turned into a week long redo of all the spellbook interfaces :|

But it's here now; new spell book spells including: surge's, miasmics, storm of armadyl & group vengance & more


  • Improved all combat spell projectiles, animations and effects
  • Redone all spellbooks & spells
  • Added new surge spells
  • Added new miasmic spells
  • Added storm of armadyl spell
  • Added charging orb spell functionality
  • Added group vengeance spell


  • Changes to ancient spell effects
  • New spell handling system
  • Changes to teleport spell layout
  • Depth buffer now enabled by default


  • Icy bones double spawning
  • Nurse double space in message
  • Nature impling jar null item fix
  • Fixed bone offering graphic height
  • Barbarian course error fix
  • Ancient teleport delay fix
  • Receiving multiple starter sets fix


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btw    0

Great fixes and I'm looking forward to new spells and functional spells!

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lesbihonest    0

Great job man, keep it up! Unfortunately most of bosses drop nothing or just bones or charms.. Hope it will get fixed soon! :)

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