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sicco blue

Dungeoneering needs to be relooked at on legendary mode. its very broken... (skilling in general?)

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sicco blue    0

hey there, so i know the point of legendary is to be more difficult but xp rates desperately need to be revisited if it falls under 1x like all other skills


this actually makes dungeoneering on here, harder than on the legit game, the main reason being that group dungeoneering is broken, when you train dung on rs3, your main source of xp is running large floors with multiple people. this gives a massive xp boost and is by far the best way to train dungeoneering

on here this just isnt possible, xp rates for multiple people are broken, dunging with more than one person is actually slower than running solo


this makes dung just insanely unrealistic for anyone to achieve


i believe xp rates for dung should be just slightly slower than regular mode for all other accounts, its such a crucial thing for endgame playing but as it stands you're either forced to donate or spend literally weeks to get a single chaotic, this isnt in the spirit of rsps


skilling in general on legendary should be revisited, its just super unrealistic and for the time invested you may as well play the real game, its not practical nor does it make much sense to train at essentially rs rates, in my opinion EVERYTHING (aside from dung maybe) should be 5x, not just combat (in my honest opinion skilling should be like x10-20, not lower than combat as combat is the only real benefit of the game mode, having a higher drop rate)


i really hope this can be revisted, specifically dungeoneering but if legendary xp rates as a whole could be changed that would be fantasic, i would love to max out and make my legend my main account, but as it stands you may as well put that effort into the main game, and benefit a whole lot more than you do on here. which sucks because i really do enjoy this server.


as it stands no one trains anything outside of combat on legendary, and for pretty good reason, id like to see this changed, but dungeoneering in specific NEEDS to be revisited ASAP 

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Fury    126

Its legend mode for a reason 

5x combat

1x experience

With our servers events you can get double EXP for skills Or with VOTE BOOK + Bonus exp weekend you can get another x2 experience

Which makes combat x10 and exp x2 

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