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sicco blue

Some final stats for maxing melee on legend

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sicco blue    0

hey folks, i just thought i would share some stats for those of you thinking about maxing a legend with melee so you know what you're in for, this is probably the most difficult of the combat skills because range can be chinned and magic can be barraged making both significantly faster in the long run


Total time played: 119 Hours, 25 Minutes, about 98% of this was training, although i did do a few boss kills but not enough to significantly impact play time


Loyalty Points Gained: 149,839, still cant get that sweet sweet veteran title


My training was focused in two areas


Bandits: 3,680 kills


Armoured Zombies: 11,494 killed (these were almost never crowded, this may change after this post)




I finished up at the skeleton monkies



This was my gear for Bandits (add a holy necklace)



This was my gear for Armored Zombies




My Ring of wealth Proc'd a grand total of 1 time in this process

This was done with 60 prayer

Firecape was done at 50 range

barrows gloves were done at 40 attack

Voting xp was used as often as possible for this, plus double xp, so your rates may vary

This was a hell of a grind i cant say ill miss doing. thanks for checking this out guys, if you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask.



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