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Guide to all achievements

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Badman    14
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I skipped all PVP achievements (they will be removed) and the broken one (elite clues). These are simple explanations for all possible achievements. It is a frustrating task to complete them all as it is much harder than RS.


  • Talk With The Guide: Talk to the lady called "Fury Guide" in the middle of Edgeville
  • Kill A Yak: Training Teleports > Yaks
  • Bury A Bone: Click on any bone
  • Kill A Chicken: Training Teleports > Chickens
  • Offer Bones On An Altar: Use a bone on the altar north of edgeville bank
  • Cut A Tree: Get an axe from Bob, then click a tree
  • Light A Fire: Get a tinderbox from Bob, then use it on logs
  • Cook Yak Meat: Kill a yak (Training teleports), then use the meat on the stove in edgeville
  • Catch A Trout: Buy feathers from Bob at home, buy a fly fishing rod from fishing shop in catherby, tele to skilling>fishing>barbarian village, and lure on a fishing spot
  • Eat A Salmon: Lure fishing at barbarian village till you get a salmon, cook and eat it
  • Catch A Crimson Swift: Tele Skilling>Hunter>Feldip Hills, buy a bird snare, tele Skilling>Hunter>Karamja and catch a crimson swift
  • Pick A Flax: Skilling>Crafting>Flax Field, click a flax plant
  • Spin A Bowstring: City teleport>Lumbridge, Climb up a floor in castle, click spinning wheel and make bow string from flax
  • Cut An Oak Tree: Buy an axe from bob, city teleport>lumbridge, next to the fountain is an oak tree
  • Fletch Arrow Shafts: buy a knife from bob, use it on logs
  • Fill A Vial: get an empty vial from Jatix, and use it on well in edgeville
  • Mine Copper Ore: buy a pickaxe from bob, skill teleport>mining>tutorial island
  • Mine Tin Ore: buy a pickaxe from bob, skill teleport>mining>tutorial island
  • Smelt a bronze bar: click a furnace with tin and copper ore in inventory
  • Smith a bronze dagger: buy a hammer from bob, click an anvil with a bronze bar in inv
  • Equip Leather Boots: Kill a cow, tan the hides, craft leather boots and wear them
  • Eat Chocolate: City tele>varrock, go to gypsy tent, buy chocolate from the chest in there
  • Buy an iron platebody: melee shop at home sells them for 211gp
  • Craft an earth rune: with lvl 9 runecrafting, bring essence to the abyss and go to earth altar
  • Listen to a musician: North of the edgeville bank is a musician, click him
  • Cross A Log Balance: skilling tele>agility>gnome course
  • Summon A Dreadfowl: make a dreadfowl pouch using summoning skill and summon it
  • Attack A Bandit: training tele>Bandit Camp
  • Eat Some Meat: eat some cooked meat
  • Pray at an altar: click the altar north of edgeville bank
  • Pickpocket a man: in the man house north of edgeville bank, right click a man and pickpocket
  • Dismiss A Familiar: summon a familiar and click the dismiss button
  • Add coins to pouch: right click on gp in your inventory, then add to pouch
  • Talk to dung tutor: skilling teleport>dungeoneering, talk to dung tutor
  • Deposit All: open a bank and click deposit all button
  • Complete A C1 Dung: skill tele>dungeoneering, complete a dungeon with complexity set to 1
  • Talk to Rewards Trader: skill tele>dungeoneering, walk south to rewards trader and talk to him
  • Buy an anti-dragon shield: buy an anti-dragon shield from shops at home
  • Use the taverley shortcut: dungeon teleport>taverley dungeon, crawl through the pipe
  • Kill a Baby blue dragon: dungeon tele>taverley, go through pipe and kill a baby blue dragon
  • Grind blue dragon scales: buy pestle and mortar from jatix at home, and use it on blue dragon scales
  • Steal a cake: city teleport>ardougne, steal from cake stall
  • Get a slayer task: ::slayer and ask an npc for a task
  • Use a teleport tablet: buy a teletab from shops at home and click it
  • Teleport using spirit tree: right click spirit tree south of edge general store, and teleport somewhere
  • Price check a cake: get a cake from stall in ardougne and put it in the price check interface
  • Talk to king healthorg: talk to him in bank in edge
  • Switch to ancient spellbook: east of the general store is an altar, use it to switch to ancients
  • Add a friend: add someone to your friends list
  • Air guitar!: use the air guitar emote


  • Have a rest: right click your run energy, and rest
  • Cut a yew tree: buy an axe and cut down a yew tree
  • Burn 5 yew logs: use a tinderbox on 5 yew logs
  • Kill a Blue Dragon using range: use a ranged weapon to kill a blue dragon in taverley dungeon
  • Bury a dragon bone: kill a dragon and click its bone
  • Tan Blue Dragonhide: get a blue dragonhide in taverley dungeon, then skill>crafting>al kharid to tan it
  • Craft Blue d'hide vambraces: use needle and thread on a tanned blue dhide
  • Switch to lunar spellbook: pray at altar east of gen store in edge
  • Perform a special attack: use a weapon with a special attack and click the bar
  • Setup a dwarf cannon: run to nulodion, buy all pieces of a cannon and set it up
  • Kill a white wolf: go to white wolf mountain (run from catherby, skill>fishing>catherby)
  • Make 10 spirit wolf pouches: use wolf bones to make 10 spirit wolf pouches using summoning
  • Tablet tele to nature altar: buy a nature tablet from the runecrafting shop (skill>runecrafting)
  • Craft 50 natures runes: go to nature altar and craft 50 rune ess into nature runes
  • Travel to law altar by abyss: talk to zamorak mage in edgeville wilderness by the river, tele to the abyss and then enter the law rift
  • Craft runes using ZMI altar: skill>runecrafting>ZMI, then run to the altar with ess in inv
  • Switch to curses: pray at chaos altar north of edgeville bank
  • Withdraw 10k: withdraw 10k coins
  • Buy an air battlestaff: city>varrock, then trade Zaff
  • Sell an item: sell any item to the general store
  • Sell an item GE: put an item into ge for sale, and ask someone else to buy it
  • Add a song to playlist: click the green + next to a song in the music tab
  • Catch 20 lobsters: Buy a lobster cage in catherby, and fish lobsters in karamja
  • Bake a cake: city>varrock, gypsy tent, buy food from chest, get cake tin, milk and flour. Use flour on tin, then use the cake on a fire or stove
  • Mine a shooting star: find a shooting star and mine it with a pickaxe
  • Mine 100 coal: mine 100 coals, i recommend mining guild
  • Fletch 100 arrows: use a knife to cut logs into 100 arrow shafts, buy feathers from bob and buy arrow heads at minigames>pest control
  • Cut 50 Maple trees: skill>woodcutting>seers' village, cut 50 maple trees
  • Search 5 bird's nests: chop trees till you get 5 bird's nests and search them
  • Crush a Bird's Nest: use pestle and mortar on a bird's nest
  • Kill an unholy cursebearer: dungeoneering boss inside dung
  • Bind an item: right click an item (armour/weapon) in dung and bind it
  • Complete Dung no death: complete a dung without dying
  • Create a gatestone: use runecrafting inside dung to make runes for create gatestone spell and do it
  • Catch a salamander: buy ropes from bob, and small fishing nets in catherby, then skill>hunter>hunter areas>canifis, and set traps on the young trees
  • Kill a Monster with Salamander: equip a salamander from hunter and then kill an npc with it
  • Loot the barrows chest: complete 1 round of barrows at miningames>barrows
  • Repair a broken item: drop a piece of nex equipment and use it on bob at home
  • Finish a game of pest control: minigames>pest control
  • Kill a portal: inside a pest control game, help kill a portal
  • Finish pest control without death: don't die during a pest control game
  • Join a clan chat: leave the help cc and rejoin it
  • Name your clan: join your own cc and open the settings and change the clan name
  • Activate lootshare: in your own cc, open the settings and activate lootshare
  • Receive a lootshare drop: kill an npc while lootshare is on
  • Promote a friend: have a friend enter your cc, right click his name in the cc and give them a rank
  • Talk to smithing tutor: skill>smithing>varrock
  • Kill a dagganoth king: bosses>dagganoth kings
  • Complete a med clue scroll: kill NPCs till you get a medium clue and complete it (i recommend barraging chaos dwarves for fast mediums)


  • Kill 100 glacors: boss teleport>glacors, kill 100
  • Kill 100 chaos dwarves: spirit tree teleport>chaos dwarf battlefield
  • Get a hand cannon drop: chaos dwarves drop them
  • Low alch a item worth 1m: Go to construction store in edgeville, buy a marble block and low alch it
  • Catch 500 grenwalls: buy box traps at skill>hunter>feldip hills, then tele to skill>hunter>hunter areas>isafdar
  • Loot 1000 Impling Jars: skill>hunter>puro-puro, catch 1000 imps and open them, i recommend banking them first
  • Pickpocket 5000 people: skill>woodcutting>draynor, then pickpocket master farmer 5000 times which gives around 100m gp
  • Kill With Wrath: use rock cake from melee shop to make yourself low hp, pray against a strong npc and get them low hp, they have to kill you for wrath to work
  • Smelt 1000 Rune bars: mine 1000 runes ores, you need 8000 coals too which you can mine or get from nex (drops 2400), fastest smelting place is mining guild
  • Use Fairy Ring Teleport: bring nothing, skill>fishing>entrana, climb down to entrana dungeon and kill zombies for an axe, chop the spirit tree and use a knife on the branch, then go to a fairy ring and go somewhere
  • Defeat Jad: minigames>fight caves, kill jad
  • Open the door: Open a door
  • Get off the floor: pick an item up off the floor
  • Everybody walk the dinosaur: Kill a mastyx in dungeoneering
  • Complete 5 C6 warped dungeons: complete floors of level 48-60 5 times on complexity 6
  • Complete 35 slayer tasks: go to ::slayer and complete 35 tasks
  • Pretty fire: use a coloured firelighter from a clue scroll to burn a log
  • Grow a pet: use a bird egg on incubator in a summoning shop, then let it chill on ground till it grows, if it gets hungry feed it ground fishing bait (pestle&mortar + bait)
  • Attack using a DFS: right click operate an equipped DFS then attack something
  • Kill the KBD: tele to frost dragons/bandit camp and then walk to KBD entrance and kill it
  • Defeat Nex: boss tele>nex, kill nex
  • Make 100 overloads: get 99 herblore and make 100 overloads
  • Craft 6000 blood runes: rc shop sells blood altar tablets, which I recommend using for this
  • Steal 100,000 items: steal from the stalls at home 100k times, if you want gp thieve scims, otherwise ::empty and magic stall are fastest
  • Make 500 steel titan pouches: buy steel platebodies from horvik in varrock and make 500 steel titans
  • Cut 2000 magic logs: cut 2000 magic logs, if you claim rewards from an evil tree you get magic log banking which helps a lot with this
  • Burn 2500 magic logs: use a tinderbox on magic logs 2500 times
  • Complete 1000 agility laps: run around an agility course 1000 times, you can sell spare tickets for quite a lot of gp
  • Reach 200m exp in a skill: train a skill to 200m XP
  • Seal the deal: use 'seal of approval' emote, it's the last one


  • Fire 50,000 Cannon balls: use dwarf cannon to fire 50k cannon balls, this achievement is MUCH easier if you are maxed and can use royal cannon which auto-reloads, you can smith cballs or get them from corp
  • Receive 100m from alchemy: if you are maxed, alch royal cannon pieces, otherwise alch magic stones from construction shop
  • Bury 5000 bones: blood barrage chaos dwarves with a bonecrusher in inventory or click on 5000 bones
  • Offer 5000 bones: use 5000 bones on altar
  • Scatter 500 ashes: click on 500 accurshed ashes, I suggest barraging demons in forinthry dungeon to get fast ashes
  • Bury 1000 frost dragon bones: kill 1000 frost dragons and bury their bones, if you have high dungeoneering you can use the cave where skeletal wyverns are on RS
  • Complete 100 dungeons: complete 100 dungeoneering dungeons
  • Teleport 10000 times: teleport 10k times, i suggest buying teletabs
  • Unlock 150 songs: run/teleport around the map until you unlock 150 songs
  • Mine 1000 runite ores: mine 1000 rune ores, this sucks but no way around it
  • Kill 10,000 monsters: kill 10,000 NPCs, this should happen naturally but you can barrage chaos dwarves to do this quickly
  • Vote 100 times: open 100 vote books
  • Create a fury: get an uncut onyx from someone or buy it using tokkul in tzhaar area, use a hammer on cut onyx and follow the instructions
  • Deal 15m damage: barrage chaos dwarves
  • Kill QBD 100 times: boss>Queen black dragon, 100 times, this takes a while
  • Reach Max Level in all skills: reach 99 in all skils, you do not need 120 dung
  • Defeat 500 boss monsters: kill 500 npcs that show up in boss teleports


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WOW !!! Nice work man ! Nice work

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