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Huge update for May!

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Fury    141

Hey guys so its my first update log, basically ever on Fury, and I had the help of Muse for some of these updates, so thanks Muse! 

  • Warriors guild now has 16 armored npcs automatically spawned, this should be a great place for iron men to obtain their starter armors now and as well as earn money :)
  • Multi zones in Fury have been fixed all around, so when you enter wilderness or other areas, Multi zone should be correct
  • I have updated over 100 NPCS+ for a new drop table and almost all the bosses, I will be observing the economy for a day or two before making further tweaks and changes
  • Polypore staff is now craftable using a polypore stick with 3000 polypore spores and these spores can be obtained from ganodermic beast 
  • The donor store now has deathtouch darts for 199 points or $2, and vote shop has items added to it, and so did the melee store, we have a ton of shop updates upcoming in the next update 
  • We have released our Ruby Donator zone and as for now its still being tweaked and updated so it will be open to any donor rank from sapphire to test it and help us make it better. Do ::rzone to access it 
  • We have populated wilderness with tons of NPC's and we will be adding new bosses to it as well such as elvarg and other cool things in the future, Wilderness NPC's are a work in progress, but with multi zones fixed killing frost dragons should be a breeze
  • The Crystal Chest has been revamped and more prizes have been added to it, it now gives all the barrow items and a whip, so get your keys out and start opening up those chests!

This is one of the first batches of updates, I am getting back into it and spending a lot of time learning how to do things, but I am getting faster and faster everyday. I might have missed something, but this should be the majority!

So updates to expect would be the thieving guild with tons of new thieving npcs/stalls/chests, full wilderness NPC's with possible Wilderness slayer if i can add it in, another donor zone, more drop updates, shop updates, more items to obtain, and new NPCs/bosses to slay!


If you have any questions or ideas on what we should do next or what should we change please let us know in the Discord, the forums, or in-game. Muse and I are always listening to you the players. 



Warriors guild


First room in Ruby donor zone, theres 9 in total! 


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btw    0

This looks sick I can't wait to try rzone and farm some armor at warriors guild, you put in a lot of work my dude good shit

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Ragnar    41

Thank you bro, I do like the fact ruby tier donors and up get a new zone to use. I can't wait to see it all in-game! :)

Could we possibly get a zone for the tiers higher than ruby as well? 

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