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Ruby Donor Zone is finished!

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Fury    141

So this update isn't a big one as the last one because that one took a lot of time, but this update is still important! Also thanks for all the donor ranks for coming yesterday and helping out with testing the whole zone and helping me make changes according to those statistics I saw!

  • ::rzone is now back to Ruby+ Donors only
  • Mummy warriors are buffed to 1500 hp and drop table slightly nerfed,
  • Wyverns have an interesting drop table now too and it should be best way to get a visage now :)
  • The NPC dwarf trader in the rzone is now pickpocket-able with 1 thieving, but to get a potential 4x rewards you would need 99 agility and 99 thieving, the gloves of silence really help here!
  • Vine whip is now +100 str and +102 slash, this was meant to be from the start as we put in the donor store for $30, but its finally buffed to what it was supposed to be
  • Bandos was slightly nerfed to not have 1 hko potential, as when i did the math and tested it myself you can walk in and get hit around 120 if they all max hit, now it should be around 100, so don't forget to use protection prayers
  • Achievements were fixed, such as open 10 PvP boxes, kill 100 frost dragons, and kill 100 revenants, if anything else is broken achievement wise let me know and ill fix it! 

More updates in the future as this is a small one to finish the stuff from yesterday such as the ::rzone and to fix any bugs or issues you guys told me about recently.




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