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The First June Update! New NPCs/Items!

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Fury    140

Hey guys so this update took quite a bit because a lot of this was very repetitive work and lots of double checking, I am releasing it 70% done because I wanted to get feedback on the Edimmu's I added and how their drops are like and if they are easy or not to kill! I will be doing the 2nd update the full 100% tomorrow after this feedback and after I finish the other 30% :)

  • Edimmu's have been released! They have 60k HP, drop a whole new blood necklece which is the BiS for amulets and require 95 dung to kill/go to, but for the 1st day of the update anyone can kill them and help us get feedback! The teleport can be found under City teleports called Edimmu's city, still thinking of a name and where to place it.
  • Achievements shop has been updated with all the achievement items so you can rock a whole set of achieved things?
  • We have updated the donor store with 4 new items! Go check it out
  • We have released 2 new drop rate rings, consisting of 8% drop rate and +8 to all stats and another ring 6% drop rate and +2/+4 in all stats(tomorrows update will include how to obtain this because I am adding depth to it and still thinking of a concept)
  • I removed the Nardah stalls and have added the thieving guild teleport to that spot instead, a big part of this update was the thieving guild, but its still a work in progress and being tested
  • We have let iron man enter the donor store now

Thank you guys for playing Fury and supporting us, the next part of this update will come out tomorrow as I will work all day on it. 

Love you all <3

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Ragnar    39

Thanks for the update! I might have to go try and get this necklace while I can

Looking forward to tomorrow's update :D 

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