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Legend zone ::legend and Legend only items stats

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Fury    102

Hey Legend players so you were asking me what are the stats of the items in the ::legend zone, some people didn't even know you could go there, but yeah these are the stats 

The first is the sword which requires 1 attack to equip and costs 1 million coins(you start with 500k so aim for this first)


The next is the Legends cape to show that your a legend mode player, it's a unique cape and has its own stats good for range, mage, and melee!

It Costs 5 million coins at the legends shop


The next items are both the Tribal mask and Broodoo shield, the idea for these come with Legend mode pkers so pures who pk on Legend mode get an advantage over the ones who pk regular mode or extreme

Costs are 10m and 20m so 30m for both. This is also a money maker for Pure pking so if you kill a pure with these equips you make 30m+




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The X    23

This is why u were running around with a broodoo mask pre update 😂😂



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choke    0

awesome update, i hope more things come for legends :P




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