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Huge June Update - Thieving Guild - Part 1

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Fury    140

This is a 2 part update that will happen, first of all because we want to see how the things we added work, such as all our bug fixes, because if they are working perfectly we can fix the rest of the bugs by the end of today. Same applies for thieving guild, I want to see how to improve it with suggestions from you guys

  • Thieving guild update is fully released with 4 NPC's to thieve from, All doors will be picklockable, and a new 4 hour event happens now with the Guild master, during the testing phase he will pop out almost instantly, but when we are finished with this update you will need 4k hanky points with the hanky points you obtain being only 1-4 depending on what you thieve
  • We have also added the Nex fix and a bit of other bug fixes in regards to stuff just bugging out of nowhere
  • We have also released a thieving guild outfit to be obtained from the thieving guild, its a full black ibis suit

Part two will be the full update when we learn and get feedback from this one, as we have new developers working now, this feedback loop is very important to make much better updates

Feedback thread -



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The X    29

Great great update, thanks alot for the bug fixes aswell.

Keep up the great work!!!

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