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The start of PvP updates!

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Fury    77

Today was an important day because today was the start of all PvP based updates, with additional bug fixes and other content you will love

  • Wilderness is now filled with every single pre-eoc NPC, we will be adding more NPC's to hot spots and building a hot spot map on the web to see where the PvM'ers or PvP'ers are
  • We have now opened up ghoraks fortress and you can lift the rock to get inside, there you will find metal dragons and waterfiends! A soon to be big PK hot spot
  • We have fixed the lava maze ladder and you can now go down and find additional black dragons there! 
  • We have also fixed the level 51 staircase which leads to shadow spiders and fire giants
  • We have also fixed all pre-eoc pets that grow, so if they require a food thats said on the Pre-EoC Wikias then thats what you feed them

This is just the tip guy's expect so much more this coming week 

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Lena    1

Looking forward to the rest of the pvp bundle! Big thumbs up for the hard work! Also a big thumbs up for fixing the hatchling pets. Keep it up!

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