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Troubleshooting Client Problems

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Troubleshooting Client Problems

A step by step guide to fixing common issues. After every step you should try running fury.jar again


Before we begin make sure you have the latest version of Java installed https://www.java.com

Step 1:

Step 2:

If the client runs continue to Step 4

  • Locate your .fury cache folder (how to)
  • Upload your logs folder (how to)
  • Delete the "accounts" folder and try again

Step 3:

  • Locate your .fury cache folder (how to)
  • Inside the "cache" folder delete the "images" folder & the two files "main_file_sprites.idx", "main_file_sprites.dat"


Step 4:

If your client runs but you get this green error screen go to Step 3error.png


Otherwise find the issue which best matches your problem

logged in.png

Your accounts already logged in, your account could be logged in on another computer, could just still be in combat or hasn't logged out properly. Try again and if you still can't login after a few minutes contact a member of staff.

complete login.png

One of your player files was corrupted or isn't being loaded correctly, contact a member of staff and they'll restore the broken file from a backup for you.


login server.png

The server's down for maintenance or an update! Please try again in a few minutes or check the forums/chat box for more info



There's been an update since you last reloaded, just close and reopen the game.
If you're using the manual jar client make sure to re-download from http://furyps.com/play/



Any other issues make a post here in general help and attach your log files (how to) and a member of staff will help you out.

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