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First PvP update!

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Fury    141

Hey guys so welcome to the first PvP update here on Fury, this is an important first step to an amazing wilderness experience, we are not only reworking combat, but we are adding in ways for you the players to enter the wilderness and start risking it for the biscut 

  • Pirate hut and Magic Axe hut now has super aggressive monsters to afk at, and the doors are also pick-lockable, so you can run away to safety when in danger 
  • All pets should be fully working now
  • ::chair command has been added, it will be based on your donator rank, so afking now is a cool thing on fury :) It will also sit you down based on the position your character is facing at that time 
  • KBD levers have been fixed and its 100% operational now 
  • A scythe reward has been added at a 1/1500 chance from Deaths task's, it will also be added to wilderness slayer tasks at a 1/1250 chance when wilderness slayer comes out, since they are both Death NPC's :)
  • More Wilderness NPC's have been added as wilderness is getting populated ready for wilderness slayer! 
  • We think we have fully fixed the login limit exceeded issue for now, if it appears again we will have debug notifications to fix it 100% in the future, but for now we think its 100% fixed 
  • Obelisks in wilderness now properly work with the proper delay mechanics before they would teleport too quickly! 
  • An amazing wilderness update is that you can now bring noted bones to the chaos altar found in level 38 wilderness, outside there will be a box which will un-note your bones for 2500 coins, you may only bring coins outside your pouch, so you will be risking the coins and you will be risking the bones, a future update will prevent you from adding and withdrawing coins from money pouch so you will have to come prepared to wild with all the gp your ready to risk. Plus this altar will have a small chance at saving a bone and this altar gives the best prayer experience in the game similar to 2 lit burners with a gilded altar at a PoH

I have to separate the categories!

This one will be strictly about combat changes for PvP 

  • Range and some range projectiles the speed of them has been changed to make it feel more authentic(only a few items affected currently)
  • Granite maul has been optimized to be used in wilderness now, and perfectly works for 1 ticking an ags for example or pulling off other sick combos 
  • We have made it so it doesn't reset walking when equipping an item, this is good for bridding and creating combos 
  • Combat resetting has been added when equipping a new weapon 

This is just the start to the amount of PvP updates and content we will have, wilderness will be jam packed with bosses soon, content, wilderness slayer, and so much exciting pre-eoc PvP BOYS! 




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Symbiotic    81

Thank you so much for following through with these updates! I'm very pleased to see some of my ideas already come into server =) Awesome stuff man keep em coming!!

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Fury    141

Added some images, but can't re-record the gifs cause of my f keys opening up the gif recorders help menu lmao 

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