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Gfx Desginer rank

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Storm    3

Hey Furies ! My name is Storm and I would like to apply for the Gfx designer rank on this server , I am a gfx designer since 13 years old until now , I been studying Graphics for like 4-5 years and I do enjoy it a lot and I'm always inspired to make new content and even get better , I'm not the best Gfx designer but I do know I can fit this position on here because I can benefit the server with my skills , I can always learn new stuff because no one is perfect and I would love to be a gfx designer on such amazing server , I will show you some of my previous work that I have made on September + October because I wasn't really making Graphics on November because I was in the military :S , so it would be a great honor to be Gfx designer on this server and I really think I can benefit it in any way and not just in Graphics , I hope you enjoy my Arts and tell me what you think down below ! 















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Psycho    0

Cool showcase, i see you use alot the same layer style & font in ur signatures, would also like to see something else, GFX designer isn't just making signature. -rep from me now until i see work from larger category.

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Chillpwned    43

We don’t actually have a GFX rank at the moment, but this would definitely be a good start if we had one. Maybe in the future when the forums get rolling, but everyone is so focused on maxing out InGame right now. 

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