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PvP UPDATE - Soulstones!

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Fury    141

Welcome to another big update thread for PvP, the biggest part of this update was soulstones, its the first rendition of this idea and its basically the new PvP currency :) There is no simple way to explain the concept, but ill try in the update notes!

  • Soulstones - Every kill you get will now seal the persons soul and put it in your inventory, this makes Death very happy who will have a PvP shop after we figure out how fast stuff comes in and out of eco. You can only get a soulstone per kill of someone you didn't kill for more then 10 minutes. You can now also get 5 skull tiers, 1 kill will be the 1st skull, and the last skull is red to get it is 10 kills. Killing skulled people will give extra soulstones as well, you also have a 50% chance of getting an extra soulstone when pking with the red skull. The rest of the system is for you guy's to figure out
  • PvP with your wealth level, you can't have a person with almost no risk attack you now, if you want to fight someone of wealth you must risk at least 10% of what their wearing, this will now introduce pking that's fair and balanced, and also prevent rushing noob's in a sense, and protect's high levels from being ragged by no risker's as well, so its a win win for everyone!
  • Combat was reworked to when you walk up to an NPC or Person you don't have to be on the same square and then attack, you can attack almost instantly when steeping on that last square, its a very noticeable difference 
  • Granite maul combos now work with every weapon
  • Korasi has been re-worked and buffed 
  • Login limit exceeded has been reworked, and shouldn't effect anyone anymore, if it does we will continue reworking it till we find the best solution for it
  • Vengence and lunar spells work again :)
  • We have a possible major fix for Ghost items now! 
  • We have removed anything related to the old PvP system's in place and only kept artifacts, everything else is brand spanking new for Soulstones

Client updates 

  • We have now added num key's and proper space bar for dialogue's so now you can open teleport interface and go to skilling teleport's and click 1 and 1 and you will teleport no problems now!
  •  All clan chat and yell right click option's are now correct and will be working perfectly fine, so you can PM all your friend's or future friend's without a problem :)
  • Thieving guild boss now has a proper pickpocket action to him
  • You can now see proper hunger and growth for pet's on the summoning tab when a pet is summoned!

Lets thank our developers for another great update, we have a lot in the work's as we are trying to recover lost time, and we are working hard everyday to make Fury as great as possible for you guys! 


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Lena    35

Big update! Thanks for everything you and the dev team have done so far! I'm 99,9% sure pking will attract a lot of new players. Keep on doing what you're doing! Fury #1 

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God    0

Thanks for the Update!

Big thanks and appreciation to Admin's and the Development team for getting this update done quickly and swiftly.

This PVP update is a big one, looking forward to more :)


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Fury    141

The client update isn't actually live yet, it will be when I wake up, you will notice a lot of cool changes though :)

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