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Biggest Fury Update Ever Made - PvP/Bugs/PvM + tons of content

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This update thread took a while to make, because we added tons of features along the way 

  • We have released a Soulstone shop which can be found at Deaths location
  • We have added Soulstone tracking to grim, and we will in the future add when he gets 100 soulstones, he will summon himself in the wilderness in a craze for more blood
  • Untradable claiming has been added now at Death 
  • Equip interface won't close now if you equip on unequip equips
  • Fletching has been fixed fully for experience rates and the major problem which was arrow shafts has been dealt with 
  • You can now toggle a skull with ::skull
  • The wilderness ditch has been re-written and now you can also make it never show a notification to go inside of wilderness again this also includes proper jumping back and forth 
  • ::pvp zone has been added, but is still a work in progress, fury now supports BH based pking in edge and wilderness plus PvP based pking
  • Attack style resetting has been fixed as well and looked into properly 
  • We have fixed when you use mage to cast a spell and if you spam click a person you won't run up to them, unless you are behind an object.
  • We have reworked player deaths inside and outside of wilderness 
  • Switching should be much smoother now and better for hybrid and NH based PvP 
  • We have reworked cannons and the fact that cannons disappear
  • Magic potion boost is now corrected 
  • The way accounts login to Fury now has been reworked and improved greatly
  • Kalphite queen has been re-worked with a future rework on drops planned as well, the boss is now properly do-able 
  • Re-spawning of all Npc's has been reworked as well
  • Multiple checks have been added for Soulstone Farming and should prevent most of it from happening now 
  • Double Pest Control Points and Double Soulstone events have been added to the server and activate automatically
  • Anything related to Double logins has been fixed
  • Jail is fully functional and operational, if you want to visit the jail go to edge at home and go through the portal in the north east house or the simpler way is to break a rule to get in there and see what all the fun is about!
  • A lot more updates and fixes happened, just some are private and some are too small to write down and some were not fully finished

Thank you for playing Fury and lets thank Nando for all the work he has done this week, Fury is getting better every single day because of him! And I would also like to thank all the staff who has worked closely with the players and the higher ups to insure all your voices are heard and all your issues are fixed so we can make a better game for everyone :)

If you think you see something that shouldn't be, tell us first and we may reward you. The bigger the issue you find the bigger the prize! Don't keep these things a secret because we are here to make a better game for everyone including you!

Also we are finishing up most of our PvP updates this week or next and you guy's will be super happy when its all done, right now the soulstone shop is a WiP and the players can help us re-do the pricing for it!

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Lena    35

Woho, now i'll jail myself just for the experience being there:D:D
Jk, you're the man, Fury! This change-log is huge! Thanks for everything you and Nando does for us on Fury! Fury will soon become the #1 Pre-EOC RSPS.
Keep up the good work, my man!B|

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Exivel    36

Took a while but the wait was worth it. Well done. Thanks to everyone who helped with the update!.

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