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August Updates - 02/08/2018 - Tons of content/Fixes

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Fury    141


Its a new month and its a new way to do update logs, the coolest and most important updates will be on top with an example shown, all the other updates and fix's we have done will be at the bottom of the thread

Jewel making

jewel making.png

Sorry no bracelets :) But everything else is good to go, no enchanting of the jewels yet, but amazing crafting EXP!

Bolt Enchanting

bolt making itnerface.png

You can enchant all the bolts now for mage EXP!

Tree Farm Patch

farming trees.png

Finally an update so many of you been waiting for! Get ready to use those tree seeds for a good use, the whole process of tree farming now works. A very important update people have been waiting for :)

Target Teleporting

teleport to target emblem.png'

Every spell book can now find a teleport to target system, we are considering to make it 100 soulstones? But for now free, or should keep it free forever?

Thats pretty much it for the major updates, some cool updates will be below 

Bug fixes

  • Master Construction cape and hunter should be working properly the emotes now
  • Fixed all the ores in the mining resource dungeon
  • Herb, seed, and ore pack has been reduced to under 3 quantities per item you obtain
  • The PvP symbol being everywhere was fixed now 
  • Any combat delays have now been fixed to make sure 1 ticking and other PvP mechanics are working more properly 
  • Movement fix for thieving macro has been patched
  • Fixed a major trade bug where you can take gp out of the trade

Content updates

  • Anti-Macro added to agility training
  • Plant pot added to farming shop
  • New Promo/claim codes added
  • Ancient mace special added
  • Wildy Wyrm drop table created for now, but release next update?
  • Burnt bones have been added and now give 200 base experience 
  • Added a Dag supreme to the dag instance 
  • Changes for Impling respawn time - Such as Dragon imp, and nerfed its bone rewards
  • Noted items in wilderness have been finally added all NPC's drop noted items now 
  • More PvP Changes for combat

We have also done a lot more updates not written here, and some more commands for mods and helpers :)

Thank you for playing Fury once again and hope you guys enjoy these updates. We do this for you guys! 

We will be back on track full blown PvP updates now, just wanted to get some skills out of the way for people who have been asking for these things for a long time! 


Love from the Fury team!

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Lena    35

Huge update! I like the new crafting method as for making jewelry. I guess its time to update my Crafting guide then!^_^ 
Keep up the good work!

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Old    18

a huge update boys !!!! and huge Thanks to our developers team :)

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