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PvP Questions

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I know you guys are working on the PvP updates atm, but i just have a few questions to go along with it

How does the wealth thing work with value of items


this setup is less then 10m, but fury ig is around 25m, and whip is around 10m


this setup is well around 800m ig cash, and why is fury and karils top protecting over claws

Do fighter torsos count as untradeable drops in wilderness? wasn't sure since you could trade them on this server, but in reality they are usually untradeable.

WIll wildywyrm be the same as runescape? mechanic and fight wise? and will the burnt bones count like the searing ashes in rs?

how does this skull system work? i thought it was for the streaks, but I went 16-0 and then died but still have the skull. Is it for most kills on server?



Thanks, im just curious.



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Lena    34

It can be that the Dragon Claws's are wrongly coded - as in it being coded as a low-wealth item. I don't know if that's the case, but it is absolutely something that'll need a fix. 
The Fighter Torso is tradeable, but I don't know if it goes as an untradeable or an tradeable item in the Wilderness, but I'm pretty sure Nando can look into that. Same as with the claws. I'll forward this post to Nando. :)

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