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Box Box Box

Agility Guide

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Box Box Box    4

1-99 Agility Guide

by Box Box Box

This is my Quick Agility Guide for Fury, You don't really need any equipment so lets get straight into it!

Before we start i would like to tell you guys that Every lap you do on an agility course

you will earn Agility Arena Tickets which you can either spend on Experience, Items from the

agility store or sell them to other players for 100-150k each. The number of agility tickets changes

per course and depending on your Donator rank you will get more for the higher ranks

So if you can either make agility faster for yourself or make a lot of money off it depending

on what you do with your agility arena tickets.


Agility store:

Cap'n Izzy no-beard can be found in the middle of the Gnome agility course

or at the start of the wilderness agility course. He will take your tickets in exchange for equipment of Experience 

 pzre91G.png v8Kp7dm.png


1-35 Gnome Course

To start off we are going to be heading to the Gnome Agility Course so head

into your spell book and find skilling teleports and click Agility and then Gnome Agility Course.


 NfSBdg5.png  WdIvFFX.png

Now that we are here all we need to do is follow the course!

                                                                          Step one:                                                 Step two:                                             Step Three:

SMXaIfk.png QyubN5V.png  QKOlI9V.png

                                                    Step Four:                                            Step Five:                                                Step Six:

lpLVUA5.png  0svZj1d.png  53yfkxI.png

Step Seven:



35-52/35-85 Barbarian Agility Course

To get to this agility course all you need is to go back to your spellbook and head to the agility section of the skilling

teleports and click on Barbarian Outpost Course and then Squeeze through the pipe to get into the course

                                                                        Step One:                                  Step Two:                             Step Three:

k8S5r0i.png  A1AEhE4.png  uazv9sD.png

                                                                           Step Four:                               Step Five:                               Step Six:

iDlYQ71.png  DBgyR4b.png  af57lW2.png

Step Seven:



52-85 Wilderness Agility Course

Warning this Course is in the Wilderness so other players can attack you here!
I advise if you do not want to risk it here just stay at the Barbarian Course till 85 Agility

To get here you will need to go back to your spellbook and head over to the Agility

section of skilling teleports and click on the Wilderness Course  and when you

first get there you will need to walk up the gated path

                                                                                         Step one:                           Step Two:

  UYJbAvl.png  pVQsSFI.png  

                                                                 Step Three:                                               Step Four:                                   Step Five:

FmWPtXq.pngZq8yLTm.png RRJWScT.png


85-90 Advanced Gnome Agility Course

Now that we are 85 Agility we can access the advanced version of the gnome course!

to start Teleport back to the Gnome agility Course, Now the start of this

course is exactly the same as the basic course except you will need to take

a different route once you reach Step Four. so this will star from step four of the course

                                                                Step Four:                                                    Step Five:                                        Step Six:

JbZTm3W.png 1AIMqVG.png SmRekjh.png

Step Seven:



85-99 Advanced Barbarian Agility Course

Now that we have reached the level to access the advanced stage of the Barbarian Outpost 

we can finally get agility to 99! So the we will start at step three of the normal barbarian course

and continue onto the advanced course!

                                                                                           Step three:                     Step Four:                   Step Five:

nGR4XFg.png vUfkGmR.png 2Jwo6Bm.png

                                                                               Step Six:                          Step Seven:                    Step Eight:

jMxtWpQ.pngfCoy918.png zRGjsaK.png


And that concludes my 1-99 Agility guide and i wish you luck on your road to your Agility mastery!

Edited by Box Box Box
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Symbiotic    75

Another great guide done by Box! I love how you only use gold text to make it easy to read and i love how u got plenty of pics to help guides the noobs thru it =) It's an easy skill but we still needed a guide for it :P

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Symbiotic    75

Well i'm glad you did and i'm sure you made a lot of others very happy :P keep making them! The more the merrier! =)

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Broekie    3

Hey, very nice guide!

But your guide says 35-52 wildy course, well i went to wildy with level 45 Agility, and then i can't go trough the fence because i need 52 Agility. So i guess that needs to be changed? 


agility 1.png

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Exivel    34

It would be nice if you added the amount of agility tickets you receive per course, as well how much each donator rank influences the tickets per finished course.
The exp rates for tickets could be included per mode as well.

Regardless of that, the guide is very informative, good job!

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