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August Updates - 08/08/18 - Wilderness content + Bug fixes

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Fury    141


Hey guys so today we added our wilderness bosses, the final one will be Death, and possibly another one, but I don't want to do something too custom that is why i am trying to tread on a good road and stick with pre-eoc logic 

Wilderness/Wildy Wyrm

The first wilderness boss was wilderness wyrm, he can be found around the wilderness and drops the new ancient mace which will be smiting noobs down and making people lose banks soon <3 It also drops a fury and other noticeable drops

Picture *coming soon*


The next wilderness boss we added was Elvarg, we thought it made sense and he somehow flew to the wilderness to reconnect with his brothers, he is an older green dragon and the wisest, so his drops are much better then other green dragons and he will drop 1-3 noted dragon bones, and 1-3 green dragon hides tanned, yes you heard me tanned, because he tanned himself while flying(not really, but yeah) and other good drops! He can be found in 16-18 wilderness north of west dragons, do you think we should move elvarg deeper into wild, possibly north of east drags?


PvP mode

A PvP Game mode has been added! It will have 0% drop rate increase, offer 1500x combat experience, and same experience rates for skilling as a regular, but now regulars get 2% extra drop rate thanks to this new game mode for PvPers :) Do you guys think with this update we should up the iron man drop rate then as well to possibly 5% since they can't trade and are as hard as extremes in a sense where you get your owns equips?

game modes.png

Now lets separate the rest of these updates into 2 sections

Bug/Content Fixes

  • Soulsplit was draining the prayer from the other person wrong, it would actually drain double then what it should have, and we have made soulsplit a proper prayer now, draining 1/5 of the damage now 1/2.5 of the damage :)
  • We fixed the global drop message completely, now you should get all the rare drop notifications when i finish updating prices for all items, and you will have the proper notification of the person getting the drop if there is two or more of you
  • Fixed maul defence style experience, it gave shared, now gives only def 
  • Bone offering for all the altars has been updated and been made properly, The best altar is in the wilderness, the worst is at ::home, the 2nd best is burners inside your PoH home :)
  • You can now chop Ivy with a full inventory since Ivy doesn't give you anything anyways, but experience
  • Ground item's have been re-worked again with another fix 
  • Fixed a null pointer with some staff multiplying, applies to the new staves we wanted to add such as (colored ancient staffs)
  • Enchant crossbow bolts interface has been properly updated with all the correct rune amounts, please don't click on enchant lvl 5 or 6 to enchant your bolts like some of you did, just click on the crossbow on the normal spellbook, an interface will appear and you will be fine once you have the runes and the bolts you want to enchant in your inventory!
  • Lootshare has been properly fixed and gives the proper notifications now for drops
  • The evil tree has been fixed and now will show all the EVIL Trees not just normal and oak? We don't know how it happened, but should be properly working now


Content Updates 

  • We have now added a players in wilderness counter inside the quest tab 
  • Legend now get 3x Dung experience as opposed to 1x before!
  • We have re-worked the dialogue system so people can't skip it so fast, this means people can't get stuck on the tutorial anymore from skipping it too quickly, but this will not affect teleportation dialogues.
  • All strange rocks when you get one now will say to go to the plinth in edge bank home, and to gather two rocks to actually be able to put it on the plinth not one, so this will save a lot of staff time. 
  • All tracking for Top Donors and Top Voters of the month has been added, we will implement this system to track the top Pkers of the week soon :)
  • Anytime you try and use an overload in wild now, or come into wilderness overloaded, it will revert your stats to pre overload
  • All untradables when you kill someone in wild will give 85% of their coin value, 15% gets taxed to the server and for the person to get it back he has to pay 100% of the price! This in turn makes pking untradable item users profitable and creates a nice little money sink.

We hope you guys enjoy this weeks update, Nando has worked really hard to make it happen, after our mess up's last week, we take our updates really seriously and are making sure they come out properly now, even if it is a slower process its much more worth it. This update was split apart into two parts and the second part will be updated before the end of the day. 

We have been working tirelessly so you guy's can enjoy your Summer playing Fury, we want you guys to tell all your friend's about Fury! It means a lot to us that everyone who plays loves Fury. We keep getting more and more bugs out of the way and keep adding in content slowly, but surely.

By the end of the August we expect full PvP content to be done, Fury to be much more Bug FREE, and possibly our first minigame done(not counting tournaments) 


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Symbiotic    81

Thanks so much for your guys' hard work once again! I'm glad to see that you're trying to make staff's lives easier too and i appreciate it :D Can't wait til PvP is finally completed and we got a nice hybrid community going that's logical and is a friendly environment for all =) 

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Lena    35

+1 for increased ironman drop rate!! #ironmenlivesmatter

Jk, but amazing update! As of the strange rocks, the statue haven't been updated for 3 weeks. It can be my statue only but yeah.. :|

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SkilleT    1

Sweet deal, seeing some of these updates make me eager to get out into the wilderness and try the bosses. 


Thanks again Nando and Fury.

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bobbydaniel    8

Thank you for the ivy bug fix. It got really annoying. Good to see voices being heard! You guys are the best. Thank you for another batch of content!

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Fury    141

Thanks for all the feedback guys much love and hope you all enjoy fury <3 

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