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Bobby's Money Making Guide [Beginners]

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bobbydaniel    8

Bobby's Money Making Guide for beginners


Table of Contents

1. thieving stalls

2. agility tickets

3. pure essence

4. dragon bones



1. Thieving Stalls


The stalls are located at home. Right outside the bank. You can sell the items you steal at the merchant.


crafting stall - 1 thieving 
, chisel 297
, gold ring 5k
, ring mould 1k
, necklace mould 1k

food stall - 25 thieving 
, bannana 3k

general stall - 45 thieving 
, tinderbox 765
, empty pot 44
, hammer 289

magic stall - 65 thieving 
, rune ess 19
, pure ess 115
, law rune 279
, air rune 5
, water rune 15
, earth rune 17
, fire rune 3

scimitar stall - 85 thieving
, iron scimitar 360
, rusty scimitar 25k

2.  Agility Tickets

You can sell agility tickets on the grand exchange for 100-150k each ticket.


click on skilling teleport in your magic book


then on agility


then pick your course


You get tickets for each completed lap


Then sell your tickets on the Grand Exchange!


3. Pure Essence 


You'll need to use a fairy ring for this method so having a Dramen Staff or Lunar Staff is necessary.


Use code BKQ



Attack the Evil Chicken and he drops noted pure essence.



You can sell the Pure Essence on the Grand Exchange for around 10-15k each!


4. Dragon bones



Use your Dungeon Teleport in your magic book then go to taverly dungeon


Squeeze through the obstacle pipe


Pray melee is recommended 


bank your dragon bones and then sell them on the Grand Exchange for 100k-150k each!






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Old    17

Nice guide man ! These are really easy and fast money making ways :P

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Lena    33

Nice and simple guide! I like how you've been writing down the sell price of each and every item you get from the thieving stalls at home. ^_^ Keep it up!

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Exivel    34

The guide itself could be made with some more detail, it looks really rushed at the moment.
Table of contents is missing the dragon bones method.
The thieving stall items you added in is nicely done.

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Exivel    34
9 minutes ago, bobbydaniel said:

table of contents includes the dragon bones method. Thanks for the kind words Exivel :)

I'm using the default theme and the white letters don't show on the white background, it's fine on the regular theme,  Ignore my comment. :$

Edited by Exivel

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